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With the ProLogic Blood Pressure Monitor, checking your blood pressure at home couldn’t be easier. ProLogic is fully automatic and works at the touch of a button. It offers everything you need for comfortable, quick and, most importantly, accurate blood pressure monitoring in the comfort of your own home.

Monitoring your blood pressure at home can help you find out what your blood pressure measurements are. Using a home monitor means you can track your results and if needed, take steps to reduce it.

What is high blood pressure?

The heart is a small but very powerful pump that beats steadily. The pressure created by the heart to pump the blood through the blood vessels is called blood pressure. When the heart muscle contracts the blood surges through the arteries - this is when the systolic (upper) blood pressure value occurs. The diastolic (lower) value is the resting pressure before the heart contracts again. Home blood pressure readings should ideally be below 140/85mmHG.

Why choose an Omron blood pressure monitor?

About 12 milion people in the UK have high blood pressure. Daily blood pressure monitoring can help you find out, track and prevent this.

Every Omron blood pressure monitor is tested for accuracy against the clinical guidelines for measuring blood pressure that are specified by the european Society of Hypertension. A clinically validated monitor means that it has undergone tests conducted by independent doctors according to a predetermined protocol, which includes ensuring the accuracy of the measurements (algorithm) of the blood pressure monitors.

About Omron

Omron has been a leading innovator for healthcare products since the company was started in 1933.

Since then, Omron has been involved in world breaking health product developments including launching the very first digital blood pressure monitor for home use in 1973 and introducing the first digital thermometer in 1983.

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